Samuel Chan

I am Samuel Chan, an established digital marketer and technical founder of digital startups. I am highly proficient in startup methodologies, web technologies, and have quite a knack with growing lead acquisition channels across the web.

I work and live in Singapore.
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Things I do.

I started out coding websites and providing forum integration as a service during the pre-Facebook era. I've offered search marketing and digital branding services with a partnership turned corporation, which was later sold to Malaysia's leading media conglomerate.

I've worked and managed startup teams, and have been in consulting roles for national media companies.
My work has the signature smell of sweaty stench as a result of the mental workout during its creation.
Reach out to me if, despite the stench and stains, you'd like to see how I might help.

Work with me?

I'm a strong proponent of the hacking culture: Move fast, break things early, and ship often. Having worked on multiple teams from startups to multinational corportions, I'd be honest to say that I enjoy working on projects that give me a fair degree of autonomy and control over how the product is built to market.

If you'd love to engage me for a potential collaboration, leave a message below and be as informative as possible on the nature and scope of your project.

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